Comprehensive Enterprise Security Risk Management

We provide a wide range of professional enterprise services which include physical security, risk assessment, and business continuity, among other services which are listed below. Our services are designed to help you quantify the risks to your business and work together to find custom solutions to those risks.

Enterprise Security Risk Management

The current business environment poses unique security challenges for companies across the globe. Internal and external threats can compromise countless assets, and are extremely diverse and complex. Security risk management is essential for sustainable asset protection.

  • Security Department strategic planning, goal development and alignment with Corporate goals and values
  • Security Program assessment and development (against industry standards, best practices, benchmark data and maturity models)

Physical Security

Take measures to ensure the physical protection of your company assets, like facilities, equipment, personnel, resources, and intellectual properties. We can identify risk, assess their business impact, and design and develop mitigation strategies and protective plans.

  • ISO 31000 compliant security risk and vulnerability assessments of sites, functions and facilities
  • Security systems program design and development
    • Security systems standards development and system design
    • Travel risk management program development and design
  • Special Event Security program development and design
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and Response program assessment, development, training and capability readiness testing and exercise
  • Insider Threat program development and design, training and capability readiness testing and exercise

Crisis and Incident Management

Unforseen and unpredictable events can invariably require decisions to be made quickly to limit damage to your business. First actions are critical, and management of events is necessary in order to avoid cascading consequences and quickly recover from interruption.

  • Incident Management program assessment, design and development
  • Incident Management communication thresholds and notification processes
  • Incident Management function, procedure and capability readiness exercises and testing
  • Incident Command System and Emergency Operations Center evaluation, training and exercises

Executive Protection

Everyday situations are not always risk-free, and personal incidents can affect safety directly or indirectly. Our program assessments and training programs are designed to fit with your culture and risk appetite.

  • Executive protection program assessment, policy and program development
  • Residential security assessments, design and project management
  • Travel security awareness training and program development

Business Continuity

Keep your organization running during times of displacement or interruption of normal operation.

  • Business continuity program and policy development
  • Development of mission critical function and site criteria
  • Business impact analyses
  • Business continuity /Continuity of Operations (COOP) plan development

Global Security Operations Centers

We are highly experienced in creating a 24/7/365 enterprise situational awareness and predictive risk intelligence center monitoring global enterprise risks.

  • Needs assessment, design, and development of domestic and international security operations center
  • Development of staffing models for physical security and near-real time situational awareness and risk analysis capabilities
  • GSOC procedure development
  • GSOC staff training programs
  • GSOC readiness capability assessments and exercise development and execution
  • Emergency Operations Center development, design and capability testing and evaluation

Supply Chain Risk Management

Manage both day-to-day and exceptional risks along the supply chain, and have a plan to reduce vulnerabilities and ensure continuity.

  • Supply chain risk management program design and development
  • Supply chain risk management policy and procedure development
  • Compliance assessments and enhancement recommendations for C-TPAT, AEO and ISO standards
  • Supply chain node mapping and near-real time situational awareness program development
  • Open source falsification, parallel commercial trade (grey market) and counterfeit identification

Leadership and Management Resources

With global resources, Lighthouse Consulting Solutions, LLC can provide a variety of leadership and management teams based on your company’s needs and goals.

  • Temporary security, risk management, business continuity, operations center leadership staffing

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